Saturday, September 29, 2018

A fresh and interesting family room providing a Abstract Canvas Art for children

Living here: a couple with kids, another guy on the road
Location: Toronto Rosedale community
Area: 175 square feet (16 square meters)
Designer: Croma Design

This is the basement that the owners want them to complete. It is a space where the entire family can relax.  They want it to have adult size and child size furniture. "The main idea is to keep it fresh, easy and fun," said Ruien·mading, chief designer of Croma Design. "And in this way inject fun so that you can't go fast. "
Previously, this room had a Abstract Canvas Art and ceramic wooden appearance and the owner did not care. "They found it so cold that they didn't like being in space," Martin said. The husband kept his bicycle here, causing confusion about the main purpose of the room: to relax, read, watch TV and play. In the past, the mud room entered the family activity room directly and was not separated. In order to visually divide the space, the designer added a sleeve opening and a new wall to the right.

"They really want a space for children," says Kathryn Henry, the designer of Croma Design. To do this, the team found a child-sized table and chair which is look like rabbit ears on the back. The chair manufacturer also sells stickers to make the chair back look like a face.

The designer installed a low-shelf for storing toys and books that children can reach. The black furniture on the left side of this photo is a bookcase with a television. The family uses many of its drawers to store CDs and books. Endow the design with lasting power, the designer keeps the sofa and television stand neutral and introduces color through two pink cushions used as coffee tables. If homeowners want to change the color of their accents in the future, they can recover or change the pads and toss pillows.
The back wall of the children's area has a strong black plus and more shelves. The basket under the shelf is used to hide toys.

The artwork on the right side of the sofa is a bicycle poster that the owner already owns. Before it was decorated, it was hung on the wall with a door leading to the furnace. Rome built a wall there and relocated the door around the corner to make room for this part. Otherwise it would not be stuffed into that corner because it would block the door.