Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How do decorative paintings and picture frames look good

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(1) wooden picture frame: the inner material is the wood line of wood texture, which is featured by light weight. Some decoration painting manufacturers will recommend this kind of picture frame for the convenience of transportation.

(2) picture frame of synthetic materials: the inner material is the wood line of synthetic materials.
Features are heavy weight, hard material, not bending, can bear larger weight of the painting.

The types and materials of decorative paintings are diverse, and the works of decorative paintings of various themes and styles should be better displayed, because the works of different types should be matched with their own styles:

1. Chinese-style picture frame

The adornment picture of Chinese style style is finished do show to make frame with usable wood line, picture frame is the frame of round corner form mostly, it is pure handwork commonly, can increase the feeling of Chinese wind of work of primitive simplicity, elegant.
Chinese - style paintings usually need to cover with cardboard edge, with glass to cover the front of the picture frame.
The back of the work is lined with back plate and fixed with nail gun.

2. European style picture frame

After the european-style decorative painting is completed, the picture frame can be made by using broad wood lines or carved flowers and wood lines. The artistic effect of the work is also increased by using purely handmade wood from the picture frame, and the cost is relatively high.
The picture frame is exquisite, luxurious and magnificent.
European-style mounting frame is usually only black to be made according to the size of the work, the work card to the painting in the groove, with the nail gun into the back of fixation can be.

3. Process embroidery frame

After finishing process embroidery mounting, display with available wood line to make a picture frame to increase the effect of works.
The making principle is the same as the frame principle of Chinese style decorative painting. However, the frame of craft embroidery should be tiled and fixed on the back plate with glue, otherwise the work will not be flat, which will affect the picture effect.
Attention must be paid when fixing: more adjustments should be made to avoid damage caused by repeated removal of the picture frame.undefined
The DIY picture frame is a frame that can be freely and creatively made according to different types of decorative painting, which can further enhance the individual characteristics of decorative painting. Highlighting the characteristic picture frame is made for decorative picture, which plays a role in making the painting more exquisite and attractive.
In the development of decorative painting art, picture frame occupies an important position.
A beautiful decorative painting with a suitable frame can fully reflect the artistic effect of decorative painting, give play to the unique artistic charm and aesthetic value of the development of modern picture frame industry, and bring a new opportunity for the decoration of decorative painting.
Flourishing picture frame production industry promotes adornment picture to a brand-new platform.
Proper Diao decorate adornment can make work more flowers, more and more close to the fashionable life quality requirements, give a person with vivid stereo feeling, novelty.
In today's wholesale decorative Abstract canvas art online sale market, the continuously rich style and features of the frame art industry show the infinite and powerful artistic vitality of decorative painting.